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Swisscool Motorex Tresor

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Swisscool Motorex Tresor

Item Code: Pmc-100
Motorex Swisscool Tresor Pmc 100 is a high-performance coolant for general-purpose use with excellent long-term bio stability. An low level of bacteria over the long term is not achieved by extreme chemical treatments but through tiny precious metal catalysts (PMC: Precious-Metal-Catalyst). The workstation at the machine benefits from good hygienic conditions and employees in production areas can be confident that the air they breathe is clean. The combination of low-aromatic, highly refined mineral base oils and innovative additives technology ensures this truly novel formulation offers high performance, which is long lasting and stable, even under extreme conditions of use. The coolant is neutral when exposed to sealing materials (commonly used elastomers) and two-coat machine paints.

Swisscool Motorex Tresor 100 provides optimum cooling and lubrication when sward is flying in all directions. This innovative formulation, which is unique worldwide, is ideally suited for sophisticated cutting operations using all kinds of metals. The ingenious combination of base oils with excellent lubricating properties and modern EP active ingredients ensures that tools will have a long working life and produce a consistently high quality surface finish for work involving drilling, turning, milling, grinding, etc. on the latest CNC production lines or flexible individual machine tools. Shorter manufacturing times, high process stability and the extremely long service life of the coolant help to achieve substantial cost savings.


  • High-performance water-miscible coolants for general-purpose use
  • Free of amines, boron, chlorine, zinc and heavy metals
  • Novel PMC technology (PMC: Precious-Metal-Catalyst)
  • Tiny particles of precious metal catalysts act as floating bacteria hunters
  • Long-term sustainable bio stability with no need for adjustment
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Versatile to use in respect of materials, tools and processing methods
  • Suitable for use with water ranging from soft to very hard
  • Low foam with powerful corrosion protection
  • Complies with TRGS 611 technical regulations

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